hey, im 20 (: <-- don't let tht smile fool you, This blog is mainly about my depression, eating habits & some self harm. My insecurities are out of control. I have no real friends anymore, my anxiety of being around people and thinking there constantly judging me is ridiculous. so tumblr friends, maybe?(:

what is normal anymore?.

wanna know anything else just ask.

I may be really full and bloated but ana is drowning in all that food. Sorry ana cant hear youu tonight. ;)

Two pieces of toast, two eggs && strawberry oatmeal all for breakfast! Recovery breakfast win.

Glucose levels were 63. Apparently their not supposed to be under 70. And I lost a pound which makes me 87. Im sure thats just typical fluctuation but eh.

Keep on keepin’ on.

Paxil is a real bitch.

My before picture. At my lowest (89 pounds). I dont know when you&#8217;ll get an after picture but one day is better than never.