hey, im 20 (: <-- don't let tht smile fool you, This blog is mainly about my depression, eating habits & some self harm. My insecurities are out of control. I have no real friends anymore, my anxiety of being around people and thinking there constantly judging me is ridiculous. so tumblr friends, maybe?(:

what is normal anymore?.

wanna know anything else just ask.
You are beautiful :)

Thank you! You are gorgeous.

Back when I actually had curves and had a genuine smile on my face.

Was up all night cause my heart kept racing, shallow breathing, twinge feelings in my heart, felt so weak and nauseous. Worst part is I still feel that way.

Casually laying here thinking that if I die in my sleep whoever finds me is going to be horrified because I took off every ounce of makeup and my hair is a huge friz ball… oh yeah and because id be dead.